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GateD, Release 3.5

The GateD documentation is now all written in
HTML, the HyperText Markup Language. It has
been developed primarily with the NCSA Mosaic for the X Window
WWW/HTML viewer, but should work with any
WWW/HTML viewer. Mosaic viewers for the X Window System,
the Apple Macintosh and for Microsoft Windows are available from href="ftp://ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu/Mosaic">ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu in the Mosaic

If you are reading this file as the README file in a
GateD distribution, it was converted to plain text for the
distribution. The INSTALL file in this directory has
also been converted from HTML to plain text. To view the
GateD documentation with an HTML viewer, point it at


The document consists of the following sections:

What is Gated?
A very brief description of GateD.

Getting HELP!
How to get help installing and running GateD.

Obtaining GateD
How to get the latest copy of GateD.

GateD Consortium Welcome Page
A pointer to on-line information about GateD.

GateD Consortium
A brief description of the GateD Consortium.

Licensing GateD
An overview of GateD licensing.

GateD Copyright Information
Copyrights that apply to GateD.

Installation Guide
Describes how to configure and install gated.

Configuration Guide
Describes the GateD configuration file in excruitiating detal.

Operations Guide
Describes the command line options and signals that GateD
supports as well as the various support programs included.

Internals Guide
Describes how the various aspects of GateD's internal work.

What is GateD?

GateD is a modular software program consisting of core services, a
routing database, and protocol modules supporting multiple routing
protocols (RIP versions 1 and 2, DCN HELLO, OSPF version 2, EGP
version 2 and BGP version 2 through 4.) GateD was first used to
interconnect the NSFNET and the emerging regional networks, and to
implement filtered routing based on policy. GateD allows the network
administrator to control import and export of routing information by
individual protocol, by source and destination autonomous system,
source and destination interface, previous hop router, and specific
destination address. The network administrator can specify a
preference level for each combination of routing information being
imported by using a flexible masking capability. Once the preference
levels are assigned, GateD makes a decision on which route to use
independent of the protocols involved.

GateD is designed to handle dynamic routing with a routing database
built from information exchanged by routing protocols.

Getting HELP!

If you need assistance or have any questions, don't bang your head
against the wall. Post to the mailing list. There are many people
with GateD experience who may be able to take a moment to help.

When reporting a problem with GateD, several pieces of information
will greatly assist in debugging:

  1. GateD version (R3_5Beta_2).

  2. What system it is running on, hardware, software and versions.

  3. Your configuration file.

  4. The interface configuration. It helps to provide this as both
    the output of netstat -in (netstat -i
    on BSD 4.2 based systems) and an
    ifconfig for each interface (ifconfig
    will work for some versions of SunOS 4 and

  5. The routing table, i.e. netstat -rn (netstat
    -r -n
    on BSD 4.2 based systems)

  6. GateD's idea of the above. To get this start GateD with
    -t (which is short for -tgeneral).
    Setting tracing options in the config file will not get all this
    information because GateD scans the interfaces before parsing the
    config file. So you must specify tracing on the command line.

  7. Trace output of your problem. If it is a RIP problem, turn on
    RIP tracing, an EGP problem, turn on EGP tracing.

The following e-mail addresses are available for help with GateD.
NOTE: if this is an alpha release of GateD, substitute
gated-alpha for gated-people wherever it appears below

The mailing list. Please report bugs, enhancements and comments
to the mailing list.

The gated developers.

The mailing list request address. Note that your request is
processed by a person, not a script. If several people at your
site are intersted in being on the mailing list, please consider
setting up a local alias.

The archive server for the GateD mailing list. For information
on how to use it, send a message with a Subject:
line of help.

Obtaining GateD

We urge you to make sure you are using the latest copy of GateD.
GateD is easy to obtain over the network via one of the following

Gated is available for anonymousFTP

ftp.gated.cornell.edu as

GateD is available via Gopher from

gopher.gated.cornell.edu in the Gated Distribution

GateD is available on the World Wide Web via the

GateD Consortium Welcome Page

Gated is available via electronic mail from the
gated-people archive server. Send mail to
gated-people-archive@gated.cornell.edu with a
Subject: line of help.

GateD Consortium Welcome Page

Further information about GateD may be obtained from the href="http://www.gated.cornell.edu/">GateD Consortium Welcome Page with
an HTML viewer. This includes documentation for the currently
available release(s).

GateD Consortium

The GateDaemon Consortium presents a formal structure to support and
expand the current successful collaborations already in place to
develop GateD functionality.

  • improve communication about and interchange of key technologies

  • allow functionality needed by the community to be delivered on a
    more timely basis

  • build a broader funding base for a predictable future

  • streamline licensing procedures

  • improve technology transfer between academic and industry

Membership is open to all organizations interested in supporting
and participating in development of internetwork routing
protocols. Membership is not a prerequisite for licensing of
GateD source code.

More information about the GateD Consortium may be obtained from the
GateD Consortium Welcome Page
or my e-mail to consortium-interest@gated.cornell.edu.

Licensing GateD

GateD is freely available, but redistribution is restricted. Those
who wish to redistribute GateD may do so under agreement with Cornell.
Anyone wishing to transfer part or all of GateD to any third party
must first execute the GateD Redistribution License which corresponds
with the version of GateD to be redistributed. The GateD
Redistribution License entails no license fee. Instead, licensees are
required to submit certain modifications and enhancements of GateD to
Cornell for distribution to the user community. Distribution of
licensee-developed enhancements is for the benefit of the GateD user
community and subject only to the GateD source file restrictions and,
if applicable, to the appropriate GateD Redistribution License.

See the Licensing file in the distribution directory
contains for more details about licensing this release of GateD. This
information is also available from the href="http://www.gated.cornell.edu/">GateD Consortium Welcome Page.

Copyright Informaton

The following are the short forms of the Copyrights that apply to
GateD. If you are reading this document with an HTML viewer, click on
them to see the legalese in excrutiating detail.


This package and associated documentation is Copyright (c)
1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995 Cornell University., all rights reserved.
This software contains code that is Copyright (c) 1988 Regents of the
University of California., all rights reserved.;


This package contains code that is Copyright (c) 1989, 1990, 1991
The University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland., all rights


This package contains code that is Copyright 1991 D.L.S. Associates.,
all rights reserved.

Last updated 1994/04/15 16:11:40.


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